S D P Group of companies is one of the leading groups operating in electric and electronic items down south of Sri Lanka. The group was founded by Prabath Gunathilake as a single motorbike showroom in 2002 at Wanduramba in Galle district of Sri Lanka. Currently, the group is headed by Prabath Gunathilake to the peak of success as a visionary leader. 

We have diversified our businesses into many industries all these years. Currently, we are operating in,

  • Electronics and furniture
  • Motorbikes
  • Microcredit and Hire purchase
  • Plantations

 We have provided job opportunities to over 60 families who lived in southern Sri Lanka. We give our first priority to employees and customers which are the two driving forces of our success and believe in building the future of our all stakeholders. 


Our Vision

“To be the greatest goods and
service provider in Sri Lanka”

Our Mission

“Provide the superior quality of life to
all our people and give a
the greatest value to each cent that
people provide to us and
achieving leadership in our all